“I wasn’t wearing my green bracelet for awhile (just no jewelry, period!) and my group volume has been down the entire time. I started wearing my bracelets again in November and we just had one of our best months in a few months!”


2 days later, another follow up review:


“I had my bracelets on ALL day on the 1st. My group volume was up to $993 for the day. I took the bracelets off to take a shower and FORGOT to put them back on. I noticed my volume was just sitting at $993 ALL DAY. Went to go brush my teeth to go to bed and saw my bracelets sitting on my bathroom counter and I just smiled and kind of laughed. So I put them back on, was reading before I went to sleep on my iPad. Was clicking over to my Younique open tab just to see what was up before I went to sleep and it was up to $1329. LMAO I am NOT TAKING THESE OFF AGAIN!”

Carrie in CA

Younique Presenter, www.youniquecarriegirl.com

“I was having a lot of stress for months and panic attacks .. Since I start wearing it I feel relaxed and with positive mind.. I’m very happy and can wait to get more stuff :)”

Etsy Customer Review

“I’ve suffered from anxiety for awhile and after I put this on immediately I felt calm, worry free, and actually got a whole nights sleep”

Etsy Customer Review

“This bracelet truly works, it has helped my dog in so many ways!”

Etsy Customer Review

My husband and I have been trying to conceive since August 2015. We found out early on that we would need a bit of help, but we were determined to conceive naturally.


It was a very frustrating time for me, both physically and emotionally, and as each menstrual cycle arrived I’d break down in tears. Out of all the advice we received from close friends and family the one common message was that I should just stay positive and relax–which of course is easier said than done.


The arrival of my fertility bracelet was a game-changer. It was a very helpful, daily reminder of the frame of mind I needed to be in to achieve our goal. To quote A Tribe Called Quest: “Stay in the zone of positivity, not negativity” and this bracelet helped me do exactly that. Our baby is due November 2016 🙂


I’d like to add that the bracelet itself is of great quality just like it’s maker Joyce– who is friendly, caring and a complete professional!

Anonymous in CA

“Ever since my hysterectomy two years ago, I feel like a human furnace. HRT helps some but I needed something else. This bracelet works wonders. I was skeptical but I can actually feel a difference when I wear it. The fact that it’s gorgeous is just a bonus.”

Cherie in NC

I’ve been wearing the Buddha Bracelet // Howlite and Black Onyx for a few months now – Not only does it look great and well made, but even after just wearing it a short time I could feel its ability to ward off negative energy. I’ve felt much more positive and focused since I began wearing it. I wear it daily! I love it! I will definitely be buying more from Rock My Zen. Thanks!

Valerie in GA

“[The bracelet] came this morning and I LOVE IT. I have gotten so much done in the 4 hours since I got up. Even with all the playing on the internet. PLUS I just feel so…. ALIVE. That is a huge difference since my husband died. THANK YOU, so much.”

Janelle in the UK

“I wish I could give more then five stars, as this bracelet is amazing! Beautiful and the most perfect energy. Love, love, love!!!”

Etsy Customer Review

“I recently purchased a bracelet for my daughter to help her relieve some severe anxiety/worry that she suffers from everyday. The bracelet was delivered quickly and the packaging was beautiful. Within 24 hours, my daughter reported that she was feeling calmer. She became more open and had a peace about her that I had not seen in a very long time. I highly recommend The Healing Garden’s products. The bracelet’s energy was almost palpable and is very effective. Thank you so much!”

Jenn in GA

“I am actually focused on acting from wearing it! But it is helping me write cover letters and helped me de-stress. I have been wearing them almost every day. I did start writing a story or something and did forget [to wear the bracelets]. I didn’t feel motivated so I locked myself in my room and started typing after putting on my bracelets and I didn’t look up from my computer for a full hour just writing”

Christina in CA

“Wonderful bracelet! I have severe anxiety and panic attacks and as soon as I put these bracelets on, my anxiety quickly went down and I could focus on my school work. Will definitely be back!”

Etsy Customer Review

“I’m wearing this one right now! I just love it. I can feel the positive energy every time i look down at my bracelet. It just makes me smile :)”

Etsy Customer Review